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SEN survey

What works for you? - Barriers and supports at school

 đŸ˜ƒ Happy😊 Good😐 Okay😩 Not okay☚ī¸ Sad😱 Upset
a) During lessons
b) During break
c) At lunch time
d) Outside, moving between classrooms
e) During special events (like school concerts, charity days)
f) On school trips and visits

Can you say a bit more?

 đŸ˜ƒ Happy😊 Good😐 Okay😩 Not okay☚ī¸ Sad😱 Upset
a) When the whole class is working together
b) Working by yourself
c) Practical classes (like Art, Science)
d) Sports, games, dance, gym
e) Tests, assessments, exams
 Yes, all the timeYes, most of the timeYes, some of the timeVery occasionallyNo, not reallyNever
3. Do you find it easy to join in with school activities?
4. Do you find it easy to learn in class?
5. Do you find it easy to get on with your classmates?
6. Do you find it easy to get on with your teachers and / or other people who work in the school?
7. And what about life outside school? Do you find it easy to do the things you want to do?
8. When you need support, where are the best places to find it?*


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    Calcot Infant School will be holding open mornings over the next couple of months to enable prospective families to view the school and get a taste of what our amazing school can offer.

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  • OFSTED 2023

    Our schools were inspected in 2023 and both schools were recognised for their excellent drive to provide children with an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum. It was commented upon that as pupils move through the school, there is a wealth of opportunities to enrich their lives, including lunchtime, after-school clubs, arts and sporting events.

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