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At Calcot Junior School we believe in developing a reading culture throughout the school by creating welcoming reading corners containing a wide range of quality texts, attractive book displays and material relating to our current topics. Children are encouraged to read for pleasure and understand the importance of reading as an essential life skill.
Our coloured banding reading scheme follows a clear progress through the levels of reading. Children work through the scheme at their own pace with the freedom to make their own reading choices. Children are assessed on an on-going basis as well as formal assessments at the end of every term. If your child experiences any difficulties with developing their reading skills, then extra interventions will be put in place to support their progress
Different types of reading experiences take place over a half term. These will include individual reading, guided groups, shared reading and  reading diaries. Children are also encouraged to read about their current topic and there is a weekly session for them to change books in the school library.
Parents and carers are an integral part in the children’s reading journey. We encourage the children to read at home on a regular basis and communication between home and school is recorded in a 'Reading Record'. 
Throughout Key Stage1 and 2, we follow the National Curriculum for Spelling, with some children continuing to follow the  phonics and spelling curriculum from Year 1 & 2 for additional support in Year 3 and throughout other year groups, where required.


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