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Our Staff



Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher - Mrs F Rostron (Assessment/Child Protection/Music)

Deputy Head - Mrs N Bate (Art/Design and Technology/Deputy Child Protection Lead/Off-site Activities)

Inclusion Manager - Miss E Kirkby (Deputy Child Protection Lead/SEN)

Assistant Headteachers:  Miss M Croker (Maths) , Miss F Buck (Literacy), Mrs C Dent (phonics/EYFS) 

Teaching Staff

Year Group


Additional Responsibilities


Mrs J Mayhew

Outdoor Learning/Forest Schools


Mrs S Carlisle

Reception Team Leader and PE/RE


Miss A McCallam/

Mrs K Hatherall


Art/Design and Technology

Year 1


Miss V Wood


Year 1 Team Leader

Outdoor Learning/Forest Schools


Year 1 and Year 2

Mrs F Pape and Mrs A Beale


Year 1

Miss B Gawman

Art/Design and Technology


Year 2

Miss F Buck

Assistant Headteacher/Year 2 Team Leader/Overall Literacy Lead

Year 2

Miss J Harris

Art/Design and Technology

Year 3

Mrs S Togher

Year 3 Team Leader and Computing

Year 3

Ms N Chughtai

Modern Foreign Languages

Year 3

Miss A Bedding


Year 4

Mrs K Stalker


Year 4

Miss N Melchor

Year 4 Team Leader

Year 4

Miss D Morley


Year 5

Miss M Croker

Assistant Headteacher/Year 5 Team Leader/Maths Lead

Year 5

Miss D Patterson



Year 6

Mrs A Bevan

Year 6 Team Leader/PE Co-Ordinator

Year 6

Miss J Potter


Year 6

Mrs L Hancock


Non Teaching Staff


Mrs S Ruse

Mrs S Anwar


Mrs D Reade

Mrs L Broadhurst

Miss N Friday

Year 1

Mrs J Booker

Mrs K Smith

Mrs V Diamond

Mrs S Kilmartin

Year 2

Mrs N Jones

Mrs E Dunk

Mrs A Wilson

Mrs J Booker

Year 3

Mr L Carr

Mrs N Malone

Mrs I Stock

Mrs K Felix

Year 4

Mrs D Rys

Mrs J Warwick

Mrs N Arthur

Year 5

Mrs R Settle

Mrs C Buckell

Mrs K Bellanti

Mrs S Fostekew

Year 6

Mrs D Prusewicz

Mrs J Wasley


Inclusion Team

Mrs M Chester

Mrs D Smith

PPA cover

Mrs L Summerfield (Yr R/1/2) Geography

Mrs H Binns

Ms N.Chughtai (Yr 3/4/5) and MFL Co-ordinator

Specialist teachers

Music Staff

Mrs M Genis/ Mr P Watson – Steel pan teachers

Mr K Edwards – Djembe teacher

Guitar teachers from Maestro


Sports coaching

Sports partnership

MNR coaches

Reading Football Club

School Admin and Support Staff

School Business Manager

Finance Officer

Mrs M Moreton

Mrs S Hadi

Office Manager

Mrs K Cowie

Junior Administrator

Mrs E Phillips/Mrs A Why

Infant Administrator

Mrs S Wood/Mrs A Why

ICT Technician

Mrs D Rothwell


Mrs P Braithwaite

Catering Manager

Mrs L Williams

Catering Staff

Mrs F Parlour, Mrs L Bishop, Mrs S Anwar, Mrs L Reeves

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr P Coston

Junior Lunchtime Controllers

Mrs P Braithwaite,  Mrs R Settle, Mrs J Wasley, Mrs J Monaghan, Mrs A Buckley,  Mrs T Turner, Miss S Hawkett, Mrs S Fostekew, Mrs A Allen, Mrs K Woodward, 

Infant Lunchtime Controllers

Mrs S Lenton, Mrs S Anwar, Mrs L Reeves,  Miss L Broadhurst, Mrs N Burgess, Mrs K Smith,  Mrs E Dunk,  Miss V Diamond, Mrs S Kilmartin, Mrs J Booker, Mrs S Large, Miss N Friday, Mrs L Bennett

Site Manager

Mr S Purvey


Mrs A Buckley, Mr P Coston, Mrs S Lenton, Mrs B Saunders, Mrs M Bayongan-Webster, Ms N Dixon, Mrs A Allen, Miss L Elliott, Mrs A Sayer, Miss L Nicholson


After school Club Breakfast Club

Mrs L Williams - Manager

Mrs J Warwick

Mrs S Anwar

Miss R Reeves

Mr L Carr

Mrs L Williams - Manager

Mrs J Warwick





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