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Nursery Provision

Nursery Sessions

We provide a variety of nursery sessions in order to meet the needs of our nursery children and their families. All children are able to attend nursery (free of charge) for fifteen hours a week. These hours can either be split across the week into daily morning or afternoon sessions or grouped into two and a half full days.

Alternatively (as of September 2021) we provide thirty hours of nursery provision. For those who are eligible for thirty hours of government funded free childcare we are able to provide this. Additionally, we are able to provide families with thirty hours, even if you are not eligible , however there will be a top up charge for these additional hours. For further information on thirty hour provision please contact the school office. Please be advised that we have a limited number of spaces available so we would advise you to register for your child's place as soon as you are able.

Nursery Hours

Our morning sessions run from 9am to  12pm each day.

Our afternoon sessions run from 12pm through to 3pm. Your child will begin their session by having lunch with their friends so they will need to bring a packed lunch into nursery each day.

Our full day sessions from 9am to 3pm each day. As mentioned above, your child will need to bring a packed lunch into nursery each day.

What will my child learn in Nursery?

Our curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. There are seven areas of learning which are:

  1. communication and language
  2. physical development
  3. personal, social and emotional development
  4. literacy
  5. mathematics
  6. understanding the world
  7. expressive arts and design

Each day your child will have a variety of learning opportunities that cover these areas of learning. These will include teacher led inputs, small group learning and independent play and exploration.  Your child will be able to experience their learning through fun, interactive play which will be skilfully led and supported by our Nursery teacher, nursery nurse and teaching assistant. In addition, your child will be taught phonics every day and enjoy taking part in singing and story telling sessions. Once a week our nursery children will visit our forest school area to take part in additional outdoor learning activities.

How will I know how well my child is doing?

We use Tapestry, which is a secure online learning journal to builds  a very special record of your  child’s experiences, development and learning journey through their early years  education. Using photos, videos and diary entries, our nursery staff, along with you -the child’s parents- ‘weaves’ the story of your child and how they are growing and developing.  All information held in the platform is stored securely, and can be downloaded and shared as required. You are able to view online your child’s progress and see how much fun they’re having,  whilst also uploading your own comments and media.

Each term we send home a curriculum letter, which outlines what we will teach during the term and we provide you with ideas and helpful information so you can support your child at home.  In addition, we send home a written report at the end of the year, with two two shorter reports that will inform you of your child's learning and development against the Early Years outcomes and developmental age bands.  You, of course, know your child the best so working with you as a partnership is essential in providing your child with the best provision, tailored to their individual needs.  We value your support and find that chatting regularly about your child is really beneficial so we available each day for a catch up but we also hold a termly parent-teacher consultation evening.


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