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Bug Club Troubleshooting

Below you will find guidance on how to manage your device if your child's Bug Club account is not working due to Pop ups.

Turning off your Pop-up Blocker

When using some resources, such as Bug Club books, Pop-up Blocker will need to be turned off, as the resources open in a new window.

To change Pop-up Blocker settings, please follow the below instructions:

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools (if the Tools tab is not visible press the “Alt” key on your keyboard). Select “Pop-up Blocker” then “Turn off Pop-up Blocker”:

Internet Explorer Pop-up Settings

In Chrome, go to the following web address: chrome://settings/content. Scroll down to “Pop-ups” and select “Allow all sites to show pop-ups”:

Chrome Pop-up Settings

In Firefox, go to Tools (if the Tools tab is not visible press the “Alt” key on your keyboard) then select “Options”:

Firefox Pop-up Settings 1

Click on "Content” then untick “Block pop-up windows”:

Firefox Pop-up Settings 2

In Safari, go to “Safari” and untick “Block pop-up windows”:

Safari Pop-up Settings

Clearing the Cache

Once you have disabled the Pop-up Blocker, you may find that resources are still not opening.

Firstly try a forced refresh, by pressing "Ctrl+F5", to see if this makes any difference. If not, it may be necessary to clear your cache.

Note: for both Windows & Apple Macintosh browsers, you do not have to clear your saved passwords, auto-filled data, download history, unless you want to.

To clear your cache on a Windows PC, simply press "Ctl+Shift+Delete" to bring up the "Delete Browsing History" option in your browser. From here you can then delete the appropriate history files.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer Clear Cache


Chrome Clear Cache


Firefox Clear Cache

In Safari, go to "Safari" and select "Empty Cache”, then click “Empty”:

Safari Clear Cache 1

Safari Clear Cache 2

For any other web browser on an Apple Macintosh, press "Shift+Command+Delete" to bring up the "Delete Browser History" option then delete the appropriate history files.

Allowing pop-ups on iPad

To enable pop-ups on iPad, select “Settings” on the main screen:

Ipad Settings

Scroll down the left-hand menu to “Safari” and select it:

Ipad Safari Menu

Beside “Block pop-ups” on the right-hand part of the screen, there will be a switch. Drag this switch to the right. It should turn from green to white:

Ipad pop-up settings

Finally, scroll down further to “Clear cookies and data”. Click “Clear” in the pop-up that appears:

Ipad clear cache

Even after you have enabled pop-ups in Safari, a prompt like this will appear when you try to open resources on an iPad:

ipad block or allow pop-ups

Click “Allow” to allow the resource to open in a new window. If you click “Block”, you will not be able to view the resource.

If you continue to have problems after following these instructions, try restarting your iPad.


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